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Mobilisation, manipulation and massage – what is the difference?

At The Physiotherapy Partners we offer a wide range of services to treat a range of conditions but there is often confusion between mobilisation, manipulation and massage and how they can each be of benefit. Mobilisation is a very commonly used hands on technique that aims to address joint stiffness, pain and work towards restoring normal pain […]

Help! I think I have shin splints.

What causes shin splints? Shin splints are one of the most frequently occurring and common running injuries and there can be a number of reasons why you may be experiencing them. As a beginner, not warming up thoroughly before or suddenly increasing the level of high impact activities that you undertake is often the culprit. […]

Can Pilates benefit me?

Pilates was developed in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates who championed the notion that physical and mental health are interconnected. It is a form of exercise that aims to evenly strengthen the body through a focus on posture, balance and flexibility with the great added benefits of reduction of stress and tension. The emphasis is […]

Tennis – Summer is here, stay fit for the season!

Summer comes around and tennis courts across the country start to buzz with excited players once again so there’s no better time to swot up with the Physiotherapy Partners on how best to stay fit for the season!   The rhythmic and repetitive nature of playing tennis means that without proper care injuries can happen. […]

Getting fit for summer

The Met office’s long-range weather forecast says we are in for a long overdue sunny summer with hotter than usual temperatures over the next three months. Amazing news! …Until the realisation dawns that having perhaps neglected the fitness regime over the colder winter months means you are a way little off how you had hoped […]

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