The Physiotherapy Partners, are able to clinically diagnose and treat many different conditions including back and neck pain, sports injuries and whiplash, as well as advising on injury prevention.

The key thing anyone can do to aid injury prevention is stretching. Regular stretching is as important as regular exercise and has many major benefits, but is something that is often neglected or done incorrectly.

The Physiotherapy Partners believe there are many benefits of stretching for your body. Stretching can improve your flexibility, and increase your range of motion. Importantly, stretching can decrease the likelihood of injury whilst working out or doing any type of physical activity, by preparing your muscles. Regular stretching can be beneficial for your body as it is likely to reduce muscle soreness and aches, by increasing blood and nutrients supply to your muscles. If you find that there are certain muscles that are tight or need extra help, then make sure you spend longer stretching those areas. As you hold your stretch remember to breathe your way through it. Stretching after working out is essential as your muscles may feel tight. During weight training in particular, your muscle lengths shorten, and you may feel sore. Stretching these muscles after working out can help you feel better and prevent pulling those muscles.

Some areas require more attention than others. The thoracic spine, for example, is an area The Physiotherapy Partners believe is very important to stretch and keep mobile. Your thoracic is in the middle of your back and simple rotational stretches throughout the day can really help the area from not becoming tight. This area is particular important for you if you drive, or sit for many hours a day, as a tight thoracic spine can lead to your neck, chest or shoulders also becoming tight.

Stretching is not just essential when exercising but should be done by those of you who sit for long hours of the day, perhaps in an office environment. Short stretches throughout your work day can be very beneficial for your mind because it gives you a mental break and helps your body to have a chance to recharge. If you are a repetitive sitter, without regular stretching, you are likely to get very tight glutes and hamstrings and may become chair shaped. Stretching can thus help you stretch those muscles by waking them up every so often. It can also reduce future pain and not over stress other muscles and joints in the body.

Pilates is a service we offer here at The Physiotherapy Partners that helps you release tension physically and mentally. If you would like to book an appointment or discuss any other matters please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact page!

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