The highly trained physiotherapists here at The Physiotherapy Partners are able to clinically diagnose and treat many conditions, including whiplash.

Whiplash is a neck injury caused by a sudden movement of the head forwards, backwards, or sideways. The most common cause is a road traffic accident due to the sudden impact of a collision, which leads your head to move vigorously and can damage the tendons and ligaments in your neck. The injury can also be caused by other incidents such as a sports-related collision.

The most common symptom of whiplash is neck pain or stiffness; this can be felt immediately or days after the collision. Others symptoms you may experience could include headaches, shoulder, arm or upper back pain, and dizziness.

We strongly suggest if you are experiencing whiplash to seek medical attention and get a full diagnosis. Some whiplash patients may start feeling better after a few weeks, but if you don’t, please contact us here at The Physiotherapy Partners. Physiotherapy is a very effective way of treating whiplash. The treatment you would typically would involve reducing neck pain, headaches and inflammation. It would then involve exercises to normalise your range of motion in your neck and strengthening your neck muscles. Your dedicated physiotherapist will also advise you on how to improve your neck posture and how to minimise the chance of further neck pain.

There may be other treatments your physiotherapist believes suits your needs and injury and all options will be discussed with you. Recovery time from any injury really does depend on the injury itself and the severity. Remember not to do too much too fast and you can also contact The Physiotherapist Partners when needed.

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Photo credit: Aidan Jones via Flickr cc