It is definitely getting a lot colder, wetter and windier now winter is upon us, but this is not the time to hibernate! Many of us neglect staying active in winter but here at The Physiotherapy Partners we think it’s important to remain active and we have some tips to help you do so.

Small changes go a long way

You might find yourself walking the shortcut to get back indoors quicker as the weather gets worse. Small changes like taking the stairs at work, for example, will help add a few more steps to your day. It might also equal getting to your location quicker by avoiding the elevator queue!

Experiment with home workouts

It is unlikely that all of us will want to drag ourselves to the gym after a long day or week at work, especially when it’s dark out. Why not experiment with your own workout at home? Make some room and don’t let winter stop you. Need some inspiration? Get yourself a workout DVD or find a free app on your phone or tablet. This can be super handy for short workouts and you can choose any time of day to workout.

Try something new

If you normally workout by yourself, try something new, and take up a group activity. A lot of places now host their own classes; activities such as dance, zumba or kickboxing, which may be fun to do with friends,. By going with other people you can all motivate each other, have fun and still remain active this winter.

Family Fundays

Family trips and days out can be the perfect opportunity to stay active. Anything from walks in the park (taking in the beautiful wintery views) to shopping can help the whole family stay active. One busy, successful shopping trip can add up to a lot of walking and hopefully a lot of bags to carry. Why not try something different, and set up a family activity – maybe boys against girls – and get everyone involved.

If you typically have winter blues, get motivated by reminding yourself what you love about the season; snowy days, meeting up with friends and family over the festive period or the many sporting events on the television. Regular exercise will make you feel energetic enough to take on any day, and may even help your immune system.

Remember to have a positive mindset and embrace the winter season. Please don’t forget to warm up and cool down before any exercise you may do. Eat healthy and stay active this winter.

In the meantime, check out the services we offer here. If you are in need of our expertise get in touch with one of our three clinics here. And everyone at The Physiotherapy Partners hopes you have a fun, active winter.

Photo Credit: stokpic via Pexels cc