Here at The Physiotherapy Partners, we have a lot of experience treating horse riders, whether it is working to improve posture and balance or in a remedial capacity.

If horse riding is your passion, you are no doubt well aware that picking up injuries is very common. It’s not just the riding and the potential for falls, kicks or being stood on, the upkeep provides regular opportunity for injury too. Keeping your horse clean and in pristine condition can be heavy work – mucking out, heaving rugs and saddles around, carrying heavy feed, the list goes on. The stresses and (likely repetitive!) strains of upkeep can often result in a rider being physically off balance or less supple.

You will happily spend endless time and money on the comfort and performance of your horse through lessons, tack, nutrition, dentistry and even equine physio. Given that a rider is the biggest influence on its equine companion’s performance though, it makes total sense to take a look at yourself first – you could be triggering your horse’s stiffness or imbalance. Physiotherapy by way of mobilisation, pilates, exercise programs and other services that we offer can help your body cope with any imbalances or repetitive strain type injuries and release tension and better mobility.

Common riding related complaints and how to avoid them:
Lower back pain – Often stems from bending or leaning forwards and to the side. Building core strength through pilates and workouts can remedy this.

Knee & Hip Pain – Ensure you move and stretch out your knees and hips regularly to guard against stiffness and lessen soreness.

Aching Muscles – Make sure that you stay hydrated! Hydration is key in the removal of chemicals created when exercising such as lactic acid.

If you do fall victim to a major or acute injury, it is sensible to book to see a physiotherapist as soon as possible as long as nothing is broken. Starting treatment quickly will go some way to preventing undesirable compensatory movement patterns (both in yourself and the horse) and will speed up recovery time too. The Physiotherapy Partners can offer tailor made rehabilitation programs dependant on what injury you have sustained and can help you get back in the saddle again pain free! We have clinics in Kidderminster and Halesowen.

If horse riding is part of your routine, check out YourPhysioPlan and it’s fantastic inclusive benefits. YourPhysioPlan is a fast, affordable and effective aid to recovery from an acute injury or flare up. Lucky enough to have not been injured? Then receive regular massage – what’s not to love!

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