Jane has reached that all important half way distance in her marathon training…13.1 miles. Recently we spoke about a pain she was getting down the inside of her calf which was coming on after a few miles.

“It hurts when I touch it here” she said.

“So don’t touch it there” I said.

If only it were that simple.

The term “shin splints” is used as a broad category encompassing a variety of different pathologies. Each different possible cause requires a different treatment approach, therefore it is vitally important when you are embarking on such a hard training schedule as a marathon training that you seek advice from a Chartered Physiotherapist with any aches or pains you encounter.

There are three main causes for Jane’s symptoms:

inflammation – such as a tendinitis
bone stress such as a stress fracture
compartment syndrome

On examination, it became obvious that the cause of her shin pain was tendinitis of the tibialis posterior tendon. This had started as a result of Jane’s tendency to over-pronate as her legs tired. In this instance we identified that weakness in the Gluteal muscles were to blame.

Initially the symptoms were treated with acupuncture for pain relief and increasing blood flow to the area alongside Transverse Friction Massage. Not a “comfortable” treatment but the results are worth it! Jane was also advised to get some new trainers with some increased arch support and was also provided with some clinical pilates to address her Gluteal weakness.

Catch up later to see how treatment is progressing