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In this blog post, we have decided to focus on a very common pain pregnant women usually experience during the second half of their pregnancy. Back pain in pregnancy can be uncomfortable and unpleasant but is a good news as your baby is growing.

There are many possible reasons for back pain in pregnancy and there are ways that The Physiotherapy Partners can help you minimise the pain you are experiencing. Back pain, in this case, is caused by the pelvis meeting your spine at the sacroiliac joint and there are many reasons why this may have occurred, one being hormone changes. During pregnancy, your body makes a number of hormones in preparation for childbirth by loosening your joints and relaxing your pelvis. These hormones also affect your spine leading to back pain. Weight gain and posture changes are typical causes of lower back pain, due to the growth of your baby and the uterus putting pressure on the nerves and blood vessels in your pelvis and back. Stressful periods in your pregnancy are usually occupied with back pain because emotional stress can cause muscle tension in your back.

The Physiotherapy Partners are here to help and your personal physiotherapist will assess and help relieve your back pain, before working through a tailored plan depending on your individual needs and pregnancy. There are a number of treatments we might suggest will help the back pain such as a massage, a number of different exercises and joint mobilisation. Posture education and pilates may also be helpful for the back pain you are suffering.

There are several things you can do to avoid back pain such as wearing flat shoes, bending your knees and keeping a straight back when picking up something from the floor, and avoiding lifting heavy objects. A firm mattress is something a lot of pregnant women agree can really help prevent back ache.

Improving your posture is a very important task we believe will help relieve your back pain. Your dedicated physiotherapist will give you posture advice and help to educate your spine to improve your posture. Here at The Physiotherapy Partners we believe proper posture whilst working, sleeping and sitting can really help back pain in pregnancy. You can do this by having some sort of back support, for example resting your feet whilst sitting.

Your physiotherapist will also recommend regular exercise to assist strengthening your muscles and improve your flexibility. The exercise recommended will very much depend on your own pregnancy, but usually include activities such as walking, stationary cycling and swimming. It is important to make sure posture is correct whilst taking out these exercises to ease the pain on your back.

Please remember every pregnancy is different and The Physiotherapy Partners will work closely with you to decide what are the best methods to help your pregnancy back pain.

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