Katie Cronin is one of our partners, and has been with us since 2008. This month, we’ve invited Katie to comment on how she maintains a positive balance between her role at The Physiotherapy Partners and her life at home.

Work/life balance is a struggle many of us face. I regard myself to be fortunate with my chosen career in that it is possible to run a successful physiotherapy business alongside caring for 3 young children.

Physiotherapy is a caring profession which naturally means listening to people’s problems – both those related to their condition and other, completely unrelated, issues. If there is one thing that being a mother has taught me it is patience, a skill which compliments working with complex patients with multiple problems and associated anxiety and depression. Physiotherapy is frequently used to treat sporting injuries, and these can often have a huge impact on a person’s sense of self if the problem stops them from participating in an activity that represents an important part of their life (or even their career). It’s therefore important for physiotherapists to be good listeners, and understand that the impact of an injury may extend beyond physical damage.

Here at The Physiotherapy Partners, we care about each and every one of our patients as individuals; it is therefore important to learn how to switch off after a hard day and turn your focus onto running the household and listening to what happened in each of your children’s days. This is where I believe exercise is important. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the latest HIIT workout or 90-minute run; walking is often overlooked and yet this forms the foundations of my weekly exercise programme. I try to get outside every day aiming for my 10,000 recommended steps! Not only does this help with endorphin release and de-stressing from the day, it also provides the ideal time to reflect on the day and ‘put to bed’ any thoughts from my working day before physically going to bed and lying there mulling them over. Lack of sleep can increase cortisol levels, which is not good for the body (and none of us want that!).

As a physiotherapist, I know the importance of exercising responsibly more than anyone – if I injure myself, it could be difficult to perform my duties to my clients. I therefore always warm up and cool down properly before engaging in high-intensity exercise, taking particular care to stretch any areas that are going to be worked out. It can be difficult squeezing sessions in when I’ve got such a busy home life, but I’m always careful to take the time to make sure warming up and cooling down aren’t rushed!

I love my job; being part of The Physiotherapy Partners is truly rewarding career because we’re all so dedicated to helping people overcome their problems and get back to full fitness. If you’re looking for a physiotherapy clinic in the Halesowen or Kidderminster area, please do get in touch with us – we’d love to help!

– Katie
Partner, The Physiotherapy Partners