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YouPhysioPlan – Get easy, affordable access to our private physiotherapy.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, YourPhysioPlan is awesome! It is great service that provides access to high quality, private physiotherapy through affordable payment plans. YourPhysioPlan members can take control of their healthcare through The Physiotherpay Partners and can choose their clinic and treatment whilst avoiding waiting lists, GP referrals and excess payments. Unlike...

YourPhysioPlan at The Physiotherapy Partners

We know that paying for physiotherapy privately can be a burden, and may even put people off seeking the help they need, which is why The Physiotherapy Partners are pleased to be able to offer YourPhysioPlan to all of our private clients. YourPhysioPlan is an initiative that revolutionises the way people can access physiotherapy services […]

YourPhysioPlan is a flexible and cost-effective way of paying for physiotherapy